Saturday, October 20, 2012

Trend Alert : Military Camo.


        The print that has been all over the streets and all over fashion blogs is the camo. print. We've seen it in dresses, jackets, jeans, shirts, and even on accessories. It's totally around this season and it goes well with everything, I mean you can never go wrong with the camo. print !!! So here are some tips and tricks to be unique in you'r Camo. 

Feminine Edge :
As a basic piece wear a fine crochet dress or a lace one the crochet/lace gives a nice feminine effect to the look and then by adding you'r camo jacket you mix between femininity and edginess this makes the look not too sweat.
For the shoes and accessories I would rather keep it simple and basic than prints or buckles, in fact I think nude accessories would go perfectly.

The classic chic look:

If you're going for a more sophisticated professional look, a pencil skirt is the key. So begin with a pencil skirt and then build up you'r outfit with a simple top or even with a minimal print, then add you'r statement camo piece. 

Put on a pair of understated sandals to polish the look. And then for accessories a simple metal choker would complete the look.

Just a little bit: 

If you're not comfortable about wearing a camo statement piece, or maybe the camo print is just too bold for you then try to incorporate camo print in you'r outfit by only adding a small accessory peice like a hat, a handbag, or a pair of shoes. 

If "edge" is you'r word: 

Mixing leather, camo, and grey. Now you've  got it all. Throw on you'r statement piece either a jacket or a pair of pants. Then you can add leather in various ways, add a leather vest, jacket, pants, boots, handbags etc....

Do what pleases you for accessories, you can't go wrong at this point. 

A bit of color:

Give spirit to neutral
colors of camo print
by adding a pair of
 bright colored  jeans this make you're camo looks totally unique. 

Then accessorize as you'r preference but be careful not to over do it with the colors because the pants already did a lot 

Anyway to style any print you only need the sense of fashion and the enjoyment have a great fall / winter. 


  1. Amazing collection, loving all these camo apparels, the army green pants with leather jacket is looking fabulous.

  2. Not a big fan of camo but now i might try it! nude lips or bold with camo jackets?

    1. If you're outfit is mostly neutral then go for bold lips if you have a lot of color then nude will be more appropriate but anyway dress what you feel :)