Monday, January 28, 2013

Monochromatic Black

The monochromatic trend is one thing and and the monochromatic black is another thing. When it comes to all black i don't like to consider it a trend just because a trend comes and goes, unlike the all black phenomena.  

All black outfits are outfits that you can definitely make on your own, they are also the kind of outfits which do not need a lot of inspiration to be created.

Besides, all black outfits have slimming benefits, as I said in my previous blog post about the monochromatic trend, that it visually slenderize your body, same about all black outfits, the fact that they are black, this  doubles up the slenderizing action.

 The key for the perfect all black outfit is to mix textures and patterns, or else the outfit might appear a little bit boring having the same color, texture, and pattern. 


  1. always love the examples you find. so what do you think of all black casual (not dressy) in spring/summer?

    1. It's probably not the best thing to wear in spring time just because spring is all about it's bright colors. However if you would like to wear all black in spring time, you can definitely rock it by adding a bright statement accessory, a belt, shoes, jewelry or even your handbag. I always like to say " Dress what you feel " XOX

  2. Hey, i was wondering where do you find all your amazing photos? if it is from people blogs, can you list them for me? :) (I really enjoy your blog and videos by the way)