Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Overview : Fall 2013/2014 Latest Fashion Trends

This fall is mainly about the retrieval of some semi-old fashion trends like knee high boots, metallics, boxy sweaters / rounded shoulders, turtlenecks, classic prints such as stripes, leopard, hounds tooth, and many others. In this blog post I will be showing you a very limited selection of this season's fashion trends, and on my youtube channel I will be featuring the rest. Enjoy ;)

Buckle Boot:

Brings out the edge in you, it adds instant edge to your outfit. Try it out with a soft and feminine winter floral dress.  

Tom Boy: 

If that's your thing, go for it ! this season has given you room to express your tom boyish look in style. So try out loose fitting shirts and the cutoff boyfriend fit pair of jeans, and also remember, the key is layering !
it gives instant coolness and effortlessness.

Leather Top: 

Also adds edge but it can also be feminine if worn in the form of a peplum top. Usually go for fitted forms when it comes to leather tops cause you don't wanna look super slouchy. Leather tends to be slouchy on it's own, so prevent that by wearing fitted silhouettes that will show and flatter your amazing figure.

Knit Beanie:
Not much to say about knitted beanies, just a great way to look youthful and keep your head warm ;)

Knee High Boots :
Personally I'm relatively a tall girl but at some point of my life i thought i would look better if i was taller, and so guess what i tried to look taller ? knee high boots ! They make your legs look longer and slimmer which is what we all want. It flatters any figure. It makes your outfit looks sleek and clean.

Wet Leather Look :
This season's new trend is the wet leather look. We've seen the wet look on makeup and hair but never on clothes so this season is adding to our fashion dictionary. The wet look was always about the sexy shiny fierce look on makeup and hair, and so is it on clothes. It adds sexiness to your look and makes it look more bold and fierce.

Round Shoulders:
You know when there is one piece of clothing that is connected to that one person ? that whenever you see that dress, top or style you instantly think of that specific person ?  well i instantly think of fashion bloggers and celebrity stylists when i see round shoulders. They are so bold and serious, a perfect modern minimal piece, that adds instant "Runway Glam"


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