Monday, November 7, 2011


How Wear Velvet :

   Velvet is so on this season and may stay until winter.
It's a very chic material that expresses a haute look, but this age it's different, that you can convert velvet into expressing a casual look.Velvet can be sometimes confusing when it comes to making an outfit, but don't worry because this season is known for mixing patterns, materials, and textures. Down below are some tips on wearing velvet pieces. 

  • If you'r wearing a velvet dress : go with a pair of basic black tights. According to the style of your dress pair it with the shoes. 

If the dress is loose or fit :

*Try on some heeled / flat combat boots or maybe some light oxfords and involve some casual accessories like a headband, metal jewelry, chunky bangles to make the look more casual.

*You can pair them with white ankle socks and some oxfords or any kind of cute shoes include a wide lacy collar, a cute beret or maybe a nice floppy hat, a bow headband to make the look cute and young.    

*Go for no stockings and a pair of high healed pumps add a sophisticated clutch and accessorize for more of diamonds and add a nice hairstyle for an occasion or a party to have more of a haute look.
Emma Roberts Worst Dressed Celebrity Fashion Style List of the Week               

  • If you'r wearing a velvet top : here are uncountable ideas you can dress it up, dress it down, tuck it in or leave it out

You can mix patterns, velvet with : leather, fur, metallic, sequence, denim. 

* Tuck it into some leather shorts and some tights mess with the accessories until you get what you want put on a small hat go for high heeled pumps and a long strap bag for a smart casual look.


* Tuck it into a midi skirt with some pleats add combat boots and a bikers leather jacket for an edgy look. 
Or go with a pair of pumps, a clutch and a detailed belt, accessorize simply for a feminine look.  

* Tuck it partially in a skirt \ short
sequenced or metallic to add statement to a pale top, go for color blocking by adding a pop of color in your bag or the shoes do not add so much jewelry as you have so much shine on your skirt \ short get a hairstyle and your gone for a night out. 

* Wear it over a shirt and stuck the collar out, pair it with jeans, leather pants or a bright pair of pants for a pop of color for a casual look. 

*Wear it with a fur coat and a pair of leather leggings or a pair of over knee boots, add some some shiny accessories 
to add glamour to your outfit for a first date look or a semi casual one.
  * Mix it with a shearling jacket and a pair of leggings or some denim shorts with some tights and some wedges with a long strap bag layer some chained necklaces and your out the door in an everyday look.  

* Pair it with denim pants or shorts, put on  nor a statement necklace, a pair of chunky earrings, a detailed belt or some disco dipped shoes to grab the attention for any occasion according to you. 


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