Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Velvet Pt. 2

How To Wear Velvet :

If You'r Wearing A Velvet Skirt : There is a wide variety of velvet skirts you can go for a maxi, mini, midi, fit or loose, high or low waisted.

Mixing Patterns Is The Key :

*Go for a tucked in chunky \ knitted sweater with some flat boots add a nice colored scarf for a casual everyday look. Try on some loafers, a popped out collar, a suitcase, and some glasses for a preppy look. 

Wearing everything pale, try tucking in a basic T-shirt,  go for no stockings and some nude flats put on a solid metal choker to keep it simple or go for a simple thin chain.For a simple plane look.                                                                                   

*Add a nice denim 

jacket or just a denim shirt wide opened  to the outfit 
with a nude purse and a nice pair of nude pumps or 
maybe some neon ones to add 
a pop of color, or you can add the color in the scarf for a semi casual 
look suits all day occasions.

* Lace + velvet = Hot
if you have a nice velvet skirt tuck in it a lacy top and put on some tights and a pair of laced up boots for a night out edgy look.
Or go for no stockings and a pair of high heeled pumps  for a night out hot look.  

* Try on a nice midi velvet skirt with a nice simple top and and a printed scarf for definition add a small round hat and a pair of black wedges with some opaque tights, go with some bangs for a cute, young casual look. 

* How about a hot see through shirt with a maxi velvet skirt and a gold detailed belt for tune with an updo hairstyle for a classy look. Or an appealing printed maxi one with a plane top with a show at the back put on pumps for an occasion look, or some laced up or biker boots for a casual friends meeting or a date. 

 *You have on your velvet mini skirt tucked into it a basic tank top and you don't know how to complete the outfit, go to your wardrobe, pick up your leather jacket, and put it on add a pair of fine bikers boots and some black tights add a headband, some studded accessories and messy hair to add roughness for an edgy casual look.                                       

* Try on a fitted velvet skirt with a huge fur vest add some layers for volume over a fitted skirt with a pair of black tights and some chunky platforms for a chic casual look. 

* Put on a plane white shirt tucked into a dark velvet mini skirt with long socks and some  creapers or loafers and a long strap suitcase with a side braid and a bow headband 
wear some glasses for credit preppy school look. 


If You're Wearing Velvet Leggings \ Pants : Velvet leggings can be crushed velvet, printed ones or just plane.

Crushed Velvet leggings \ pants :

* Try on crushed velvet harem pants with a basic tank top and a knitted cardigan with a pair of chunky platforms of cardigan's color put on a gold detailed
tiny belt and a gold pendant necklace for shine with a side bun for a chic look. 

*Or go for a pair of fine crushed velvet leggings with a shirt underneath a chunky knitted sweater add some wedges go for a lot of colorful bangles if your outfit is too basic and a colorful handbag for a fine casual look. 

Printed velvet leggings : 

*How about a leopard printed velvet legging
with black shoulder padded top and black healed booties to stand out the leggings and it's print don't over do with the accessories just wear red lips for a pop of color for a chic everyday look. 

Plane velvet leggings :

* Go for jewel toned velvet leggings and a fine white shirt add a fur collar to break the basics add shine with some gold accessories and some wedges or maybe a pair of flat over knee boot with a casual clutch or just a small handbag apply a lot of bangles and wear your hair straight for an interview or seeing someone. 

* Try on some grey velvet leggings and a long knitted cream sweater add a statement necklace for definition wear some healed \ wedged booties and wear your hair middle parted wear an envelope red clutch and maybe a couple of rings and red nails for a nice casual look. 

*Stay simple by wearing a plain high waisted jewel toned velvet legging and a basic black tank top with a washed denim vest and some black nails and some combat boots or some pistol boots for an edgy casual look.


  1. cute photos each with a specific sense of style and I am glad I came across your blog from your youtube channel =)

    1. Thank you so much its a pleasure you liked it and i'm going to make so much more blog i hope you like them :)