Monday, January 2, 2012

Wide Leg Pants

How To Wear Wide Leg Pants :

With your pants : 

Try on a plaid shirt, layer up with a chunky knitted jacket and a comfy scarf. Put your hair up in a top bun or just wear it down straight. 
For accessories, add shine with a fine pair of glamorous earrings. Pair up with clogs or some wedges.

For a casual look. 

 OR :

Try putting on a cropped top   layer with a jacket on top or a long loose tank top underneath. 
When it comes to accessories try on a fine braided wool  headband to keep you warm and a long straps shoulder bag. put on lace up wedges.

For another casual look.

Either way :

Go for an opened plaid shirt with a fitted tank top underneath and you can also add layers with a leather jacket or a knitted one. 
Wear a pair of healed brown boots and a chic shoes's color handbag. Accessorize according to your 

For a third casual look. 
 Or so :

Put on a turtle neck top and wear a chunky knitted sweater over it, play with the colors. 
Try on cat eyes sunglasses wear your hair down with some loose natural looking curls. Go for a leopard printed clutch for statement and a pair of plain simple pumps. 

For an everyday chic look.  

With your flared pants :

Wear a basic T-shirt tucked in the pants partially and a fine fitted denim jacket with rolled up sleeves. 
Keep the outfit all of the same color pallet so you can add a pop of color with your favorite colored clutch. Take it easy with the accessories, keep it simple as much as you can. Put on a pair of opened toe pumps or if it's cold for you just put on some high heeled pumps. 

For a first date look.
A relaxed day at the office:

With a pair of flared jeans :

Try on a tailed colored shirt and a chic leopard furry coat. 
Get a chic basic handbag.
Put on a pair of pointy pumps, Wear your hair middle parted. 

For a modern office look. 

 OR :

Wear a basic shirt with a loose bow, throw on a chic coat, or maybe a nice blazer. 
wear large stone rings and a chic watch, maybe a pair of sunglasses and a chic handbag, pair this outfit with pumps 

For a relaxed office day look. 
Otherwise :

put on a long sheer shirt/top with a fitted blazer that shows curves in white/cream to express the soft color of winter. 
This look is so simple so go ahead and accessorize according to your preference.

for a minimalistic working day look. 

 With your high waisted 
pants :

Tuck in your favorite shirt (plaid, leopard, plain, polka dotted, pop of color).
Keep it pale (simple) for the clothes so you can add a lot of accessories and maybe a chic clutch will chic-en it a little bit, and of course pumps. 

For a semi formal appointment. 

 Going out / night out :

Throw on a sequence top or a metallic one with a party at the back. Or maybe a corsette top with a fine fur coat, jacket, or vest. 
With the sequence top don't over do it with the accessories because you already have a lot of shine on your top maybe just wear a leather bracelet with vibrant nail color add a pop of color to the outfit with the pumps and a plain basic envelope clutch. 

For a night out look.  

If you have any requests just write them as a comment below and i promise i will post them thanks for checking by :)


  1. Hi, so today I found your youtube channel and then I clicked through to this amazing blog. I love both your channel and this blog because they actually have information. Your tips are very useful and current. However could you please talk in your next youtube video! I would love to hear about your opinion on the trends and how you are planning to wear them. I think talking over each photo and saying why you think the trend/outfit works so well would make your videos even more interesting and make your just as good as youtubers "the fashion citizens" and "clothes encounters"

    1. Thank you so much for your amazing comment you actually made my day :).
      Also thank you so much for pointing on such a useful and creative idea i will definitely put the idea in action, do you have a youtube account?? Thanks again Sara :)

  2. hi sara we do apprciate all the photos, very unique style. and i do love it...
    you are a Good designer... alots of ideas, and you inspired people...we love you.:)
    keep up the good works..