Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bright Colors

Spring is almost there and "Bright Colors" are a huge subject when it comes to spring. Bright colors can be extremely difficult when we try to put together a nice colorful outfit. So I'll do my best to help you guys figure out some ways to put a nice simple colorful outfit on. I'll be giving you tips and advice on how to create a nice outfit for variable occasions.

First tip 
Combine bright colors with basic neutrals (nude, black, and white) :
Try on a neon flashing yellow T-shirt with a leather pleated skirt. 
Wear a pair of ankle booties heeled ones. 
throw on a nice sequined / beaded  
Peter Pan collar to spice the outfit, and give it 
more statement and definition. Don't over do you're 
accessories since you have already worn enough
shine on you're neckline by wearing this statement 
This look is suitable for a special every(day) outfit. 

Go for blue and purple family color blocking, with a rich white sculptured blazer.
For shoes and bag try some simple black pumps and a simple black mini clutch which is a huge trend this season. 
For accessories go for golden tuned jewelry with a lot of simple chains. Try on some accessories that will actually spice you're outfit more than it being just plane.  

This look is perfect for a first date or maybe just a casual day at work.

Add a nice baby pink top with nice sheer sorbet wide shorts. 
For shoes and bag, hold an extra large envelope clutch, and a pair of nude opened toe pumps that lengthens you legs and make them look slimmer especially if you have a sun kissed tan on them. For accessories try a nice statement necklace that give you more definition on the neckline, or maybe some golden bangles to give the look spring fun to it. 
This look is perfect for an everyday outfit or for simple day outfit when you feel you are not in the mood of creativity. 

Second Tip Combine bright colors with bold prints :

Maybe a unique blue dress will do. Try on a nice baby blue dress with a navy bold print. 
With this dress you will need a chic defined fuchsia bend over clutch, and a nice breaded neutral sandal to give the look a casual spirit. Put on a lot of colorful / printed bangles and a flashing bright nail color. 
This look is suitable for any kind of occasion according to the way you accessories for shoes, bag , hair, and makeup.

Put on a nice neon yellow tube skirt with a printed T-shirt, and a fine black and white striped blazer with bold stripes. Throw on a pair of white sneakers to give a sporty look to the outfit and hold a nice fuchsia large bend over clutch. Accessories according to you're preference. 

This look is perfect for a day in the mall or just hanging out.  

For a feminine look, Try on a nice pleated creamy pink dress, and a nice bold floral mini jacket. Wear a pair of brown tights to match the mini jacket, and a pair of tan sandals with a cute little bow on the front to give you a nice feminine look. When it comes to accessories don't wear a lot around you're neckline because you already have a lot of prints up there, you might put on some bangles or simple bracelets. 
This look is great for a casual birthday party.   

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