Tuesday, April 17, 2012

High Waisted Shorts

   High waisted shorts can be a little bit tricky when it comes to  styling it. High waisted shorts are an essential piece during summer. It's never out of trend because it's a basic item in you'r spring / summer wardrobe. High waisted shorts were always there from the 70's till now, the thing is that now there is a wide variety of shorts, High waisted shorts can be denim / jean, leather or even lace. They can be tight, wide, over-sized, modern or vintage.    

Try on a fine see-through shirt with a wide fit short. 

Wear a simple T-shirt bra and put on the shirt tucked in the shorts. 
Add a bow belt to give the look femininity. 
Try to keep the color pallet warm and neutral. 
Wear gold statement bangles,  roll / cuff up the sleeves to make the look more relaxed and casual. Wear a pair of basic black pumps, and a nice black satchel with shiny gold accessories on it.

For an every day look.    

Mix patterns by wearing lace shorts and a star-printed button up shirt.

Mixing the beautiful pattern of lace with the stars give you a very nice trendy look now you're following the "Prints" trend. Lace shorts are a very feminine piece so add some edge with you'r button up. 
Add a chunky plain choker and an over-sized ring . 
Put on a pair of sandals with the 
"T-Strap" thing, and a nice envelope clutch or just a weekend tote. 

Wear you're hair down
 to give it a chic day look. 

A lot of shine with Sequined shorts and a light see through shirt. 

Put on a gold tuned sequined short with a creamy nude sheer shirt tucked in the shorts.
Add a fine wrist cuff which is a huge trend this season, and some simple rings. 
Keep the outfit simple and neutral, wear a pair of nude pumps and a gold chain handle bag.
Add color on the nails 

This look is for a night out or a special occasion. 

Polka Dots !!! polka dotted shirt and a a pair of leather high waisted shorts.

Leather shorts are known for their edginess so by adding this sweet polka dotted shirt you will bring the "masculine feminine" spirit to the look, this combination is very popular nowadays with celebrities on the red carpet. 
Add a nice bow belt to bring the feminine side of this outfit. Put on a pair of nude platforms with the ankle strap, and a mini clutch, that is really in this season. 
Accessories according to you're preference because this look is simple enough. and need a little bit of shine with gold mini chains all around. 

This look is perfect for a first date or maybe you'r girlfriend's birthday party.   

Floral high waisted shorts and a basic tank-top and a nice over-sized unbuttoned shirt.

Try on a pair of printed shorts and tuck in them a fine basic neutral tank-top. Top it with an over-sized shirt that matches the color of you'r pattern on the shorts, and unbutton it. 
Keep the look simple by adding only basic neutral pumps with an opened toe. 
For the bags just hold a nice relaxed tote or maybe a cross-body mini bag wear large bangles or a pendant necklace.  

The printed suit. 

Wear a printed shorts silk suit. wear the short and a basic white tank-top tucked in it. 
When wearing a printed suits either have the same exact print all over or having a small patterned print on the bottom and a wild bold print on the jacket of the same color pallet. 
With a printed suit you already have a lot of prints going on so you need a little bit of accessories or even none. 
Wear nude shoes and a nude bend over clutch. 
Add a different color on the nails. and wear you'r hair with a side sweep. 

This look is perfect for an important event, family or friends gathering, or even a day to the office. 

Boyfriend high waisted shorts and off shoulders. 

Try on a short with a boyfriend fit to it, and then add a nice loose striped top going off shoulders, tuck it in the shorts and add a dark statement belt to add definition to the outfit. 
Wear a pair of jean toned clogs with tanned buckles. Add a loose tanned shoulder satchel to match you'r clogs. 
For accessories you might want to add some statement pieces to break the silence in this outfit. 
Wear some wayfarers to give the look this cool spirit to it . 

This look is perfect for school and hanging out with friends or even going shopping.  

Ruffly sleeves and a pop of color.  

High waisted shorts are not always edgy and combined with edgy stuff, you can probably go all the way feminine so if you are a girly girl you can get some use out of high waisted shorts. 
Add a pop of color with a bright pair of shorts. Add a flirty ruffly top that embraces you'r femininity. 
Add some nice defined square toes pumps and a sculptured handbag in a soft creamy color with gold chain handles. 

This look is for being feminine. 

Water, sand, sun, and high waisted shorts. 

Even at the beach you can wear high waisted shorts especially on high waisted swimsuits. 
When you're on the beach and you don't know what to wear as a cover up just through on you'r mother's old high waisted 70's jean shorts over you'r strapless swimsuit top this gives you the perfect retro pin up look. 
For accessories wear large colorful bangles to embrace summer in the outfit. 

This look is obviously for a day at the beach. 


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