Friday, June 8, 2012


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Peplum is my favorite trend for this summer it's a great transitional piece. 

On one hand it's very feminine, it enhances a graceful lady's body, and it's really classic. 
And on the other hand it can be edgy by adding some rough accessories, materials, and patterns like, leather, studs, spikes, or even skulls. 

This season we saw a lot of peplum on the runway for various designers in different countries and distinguished designs, we found peplum shirts, skirts, jackets, dresses, and even shorts. 

Long ago before peplum was on trend I imagined a piece of clothing that would really enhance my body, I thought of something feminine, ruffly, and cute but i couldn't find it. Instead of owning it in my wardrobe i owned it in my sketch. At first i sat down trying to find the image of a perfect piece that would satisfy my desires for a feminine piece, then i saw a photo of a graceful lady from the 80's wearing a peplum dress, just by then i thought that peplum is the answer !!
This summer peplum is coming back from the past. Wearing a peplum piece makes you feel like a Woman. Peplum pieces actually reminds me of Marilyn Monroe and how womanly she was.

I felt like posting this just because I wanted to express my fond of peplum I know it wasn't the kind of informative post but I just felt like sharing this with you guys. 
Tell me what do you think about peplum in the comments section I hope you liked the post, and I promise I'm going to pay more attention to blog posts, and I will be posting more during this season. I hope you enjoy them, please help me post more blog posts by telling me what subjects you want me to be talking about. 

Here is my latest summer fashion video enjoy :)


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  1. i love them and i love reading about how they inspire you. I feel like they are a little hard to style though, especially if you are curvy. ps LOVE your channel too! thanks for all your hard work, very creative.