Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Trend Alert: Pinafore (how to style it )

Since ages ago pinafore was known to be a casual piece for everyday wear. Now it's different, now you can wear a pinafore/overall anytime anywhere, just by adding the perfect pieces that would totally convert the whole look to make it into whatever you want. In this blog post I'm going to be telling you all about the key for the perfect pinafore outfit for wherever you're going.

So it's summertime now you start your day going grocery shopping, going to the park, or just being lazy at home. For that you want to start your day with something effortless, minimal, and comfortable. For that you have several outfit choices. 

Either you go with a really plain tee underneath and maybe a pair of chucks or some sneakers you know these are in style too ;) For accessorizing I would prefer to keep it simple, maybe a pair of stud earrings, a couple of dainty bracelets, and of course your watch. I would wear a stylish colorful backpack that brings a youthful spirit to the outfit, or just wear my spacious casual bag that is still stylish. And to frame your face just wear your favorite shades that makes your face the cutest.  

Or add sophistication to the outfit by wearing a slash neck stripped top. And put on an understated sandal that has a platform in the front to keep you comfortable all morning long. As for accessories, if no one told you arm candy is the new accessories then here I am telling you so, so maybe add a leather wrap around your wrist plus a couple of chain bracelets, some spiked ones, or maybe ones that are studded. If your outfit is too neutral maybe ad a hot pink lip or a red one. Wear a mini long strapped shoulder bag that would hold your phone, keys, and money. 

Or wanna look sexy and feminine throughout your day ?? Then a cropped top or a bandeau bra is what you're looking for. For that day when you want to look extra girly, then go for a pinafore/overall in the form of a dress, underneath it wear a colorful bandeau bra or a lacy one that would turn heads for you. For shoes you don't wanna look like you're trying too hard, so a pair of ballet flats will do. Wear your favorite everyday bag. For accessories a pair of hoop earrings and layer on some simple dainty chain necklaces of different lengths just to give you some shine. I guarantee you he will want to take you out every day all day. 

Or if you're going for the childish playful look, then your main piece should be playful and by playful I mean Polka dotted, striped, or any other fun print all over it. when you have a lot of prints then you go for.... ??
yeah that's right a plain white tee. To complete your youthful look then wear a pair of flatform sneakers and maybe a neon cross body purse. Add a cute bow to your half updo for extra cuteness. Again, arm candy but this time keep it colorful. 

After you spent your morning shopping or just goofing around, now lets take our pinafore to a higher level, let's take it into evening mode, lets say you're going out for dinner with the girls or the guy. I think you wanna look a little bit more polished so lets take a look at polished pinafore looks. 

Wear a blazer that would instantly make the outfit a lot more evening appropriate. For this look you can wear a simple blazer, a tuxedo white blazer, or something like the Chanel  lady-like blazers. Wear your favorite lady-like purse, or a fancy clutch, and a pair of pointed pumps, or just some heeled strappy  sandals. For accessories just put on a classic statement necklace and  some simple earrings, and stack on some rings. If you want a little bit more than go for the bold lip and cat eye look. 

Chic is tailored so try on a fine tailored pinafore dress with a bright color.Underneath that wear a white, classic, over-sized, silk shirt, silk makes the outfit look a lot more classy. For shoes put on pointy pumps that would make you look more confident and a small lady-like purse. If your outfit is only colorful but plain, then let's go bold on the accessories, so a statement necklace and some noisy bangles on your wrist, a pair of classic large pearl earrings, and don't forget your watch !!
To look extra classy put your hair up in a socket bun or just do any random updo ;)

Black and white when you don't know what to wear just go black and white it will make you look so classic, chic, and put together.
If you want to style your boring plain black pinafore/overall, now is the time when you want to add spirit by adding prints. Modern striped are the vertical ones so try to incorporate them in your plain boring outfits. To keep your commitment to black and white add a pair of white pumps, and you're favorite white clutch that has black accents. For accessories keep it simple because we have a bold print so either go with white or black leather jewelry, or just silver because gold is now a color.   


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