Monday, June 10, 2013

Trend Alert: Pinafore Trend (Different Textures)

The pinafore trend has done good to the world, you can slip it on and you are out the door. They are definitely suitable for all four seasons because of their wide range of materials. You can get a leather, denim, linen, tailored, cotton, or even a silk pinafore piece.
Okay then, lets take a look at the different textures and materials of pinafore, so you can get an idea which material is better for your situation and your weather. 

For summer and its hot weather its better if you go with more of a light weight material that will help you through out the hot day, like silk, linen, denim-like materials, and cotton. Also light, colors work better than darker ones because dark colors absorb all the heat coming from the sun unlike light bright colors that reflect the heat and will keep you cooler. Besides, summer is known for its crazy brighter colors, so why be boring ?

For winter its different, of course you meed to go for heavier materials that will keep you warm, especially materials that will block the air from reaching your skin, something like leather, heavy denim, maybe a tailored material, or just add either a heavy jacket on top or a warm knitted sweater underneath, with heavy opaque tights and some furry boots to keep you warm and comfortable. 

As for fall and spring they are pretty much the same, except for the difference in the color choices of your outfits, for instance by spring time you really need to bring more colors and brightness to your outfits and wardrobe. Unlike fall though, for fall you gravitate more towards heavier materials like leather and wool, also towards darker colors like burgundy, khaki, navy, and so on...... Although spring and fall at some point have the same climate, but still we like to wear lighter pieces in spring and heavier ones by fall, its just something that we do unconsciously. So just wear your favorite pinafore and throw a light knitted cardigan on top and you are ready to go. 


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